The Fearless Trader

Recorded workshop

Workshop Highlights:

How to quickly recognize and avoid "Danger Zones & Red Flag Setups " that can quickly turn to losers
How to setup your trading day
Traders Mindset that will help you conquer fear and doubt
How to use the power of hedging to get into "Can't Lose" trades
How to exit a trade with maximum profits regardless of what the market throws at you
How to swing trade and day trade and most importantly which one is best for your situatio
How to uncover your hidden road-blocks that keep keep you stuck in a rut
How to create a fool-proof Trading Plan that fits your goals, schedule and lifestyle
You always know what to do regardless of what type of market you are in

If you’ve spent anytime at all looking at trading charts it seems so easy.  For example, simply buy on a dip in the market and sell later as the market climbs for a quick 20 pip profit.  Do that a few times a day and it adds up real quick.

It’s enough to cause sleepless nights in excitement at all the money soon to be rolling in and knowing that you can tell your boss to shove it.

Sounds great right?  Well not to burst your bubble but trading isn’t quite as easy as it seems…

You see, when you’re looking at historical charts, you have the benefit of hindsight and therefore it’s easy to determine how you would have handled the trade. This leads to a false sense of security and a rude awakening when you start to trade with your hard-earned money on the line.

The real challenge in trading is that things are not always black and white and in fact often full of “Gray Areas” which can cause self-doubt, confusion, anxiety and second guessing on what to do.  What’s more. these “Gray Areas” start causing fear which clouds judgement and results in frequently making the wrong decision. It’s almost like every time the market zigs you zag making you feel always a step behind.

Does this sounds vaguely familiar?  Well if it does, don’t worry as all traders feel this at some point and we’re going to show you how to remove all the obstacles holding you back in our new workshop called:  “The Fearless Trader”.

In a nutshell it will show you how to quickly and easily know when and where to trade and how to decide which strategy to use to give you the highest odds for a profitable outcome.

You’ll discover the exact patterns in the markets that can give you almost x-ray vision into what the market is most likely to do next.  The bottom-line is that you’ll have a new found confidence in your ability to trade profitably on a regular basis.  In the end any fear and doubt you’ve had in the past will vanish and you’ll become a “Fearless Trader”.

Clear step-by-step trading plan that will give you confidence in trading
All sessions are recorded and you have life-time access
These strategies have been tested and proven to hold up in all market conditions

Special Bonus 1

Professional Trade & Risk Indicator

This is a specially built professional trade & risk management indicator for Spartan Renko traders
Automatically calculates proper lot sizing for your account
Split positions and set multiple profit targets
Automated exits at profit levels
Spread & Slippage filter that will prevent you from getting bad fills

Special Bonus 2

Spartan Trader Manual

This is a 108 page PDF manual that will cover the core Spartan Trader Strategies
Covers day trading and swing trading in detail
You can apply these techniques to any market
Money management explained in detail
Entries and exits strategies taught step by step
Entries and exits strategies taught step by step