The 800K

Recorded workshop

Discover The Exact Steps which Nikos Took To Make $800,000

In 12 Months Spending Only 15 – 20 Minutes A Day And…

“I Can Show You How To Do The Same – It’s Easy When You Know How!”

Dear Fellow Traders.

Whether, you’re new to trading or been at it for years, you’re looking for a consistently profitable strategy that you can be 100% confident in to use day in and day out.

The bottom-line is that you want something that will really work for you and won’t require years to master.

I was once like you spending money on endless programs that either didn’t work, were too inconsistent or just too hard to use during live trading.

Well the good news is that despite early setbacks, I’ve managed to create a forex strategy that has allowed me to not only make  a living as a trader but to become a highly successful money manager as well.

This strategy has been so reliable for me that I haven’t had to change it in 12 years and… This gives me complete confidence that it will continue to work year after year.

Even better is that I’ve been able to share this strategy with hundreds of new students around the world each year and yet to have anyone that hasn’t improved their trading skills.

This 5 day workshop is totally unique in that I’m going to reveal in exact detail what I did to make $800,000 for my clients in 2016.  This will allow you to pick up the crucial and vital details that allow me to trade with precision, consistency and ease.  Best of all it really doesn’t take anymore than 20 minutes a day which allows me to spend my time with my family and doing things I really enjoy.

If you can join me online for just 10 hours, I’ll show you everything I do and know and can assure you that you’ll begin to see a new consistency to your trading. (Don’t worry if you can’t make the classes as they’ll be recorded.)

Another “Secret Weapon” to help you is my trading partner Dr. Jeff Wilde who will be sharing his 20 plus years of trading experience during the workshop.

It’s going to be fun and eye-opening for you… See you in Class…

Workshop Highlights:

Discover the exact system that has been consistently profitable over the past 12 years
Discover the missing piece of the equation so that you don't miss the "Big Trades"
No confusing or lagging indicators required and can work with any trading platform.
You'll learn the true reason 95% of traders fail.
This strategy follows the movements of the major financial institutions.
Ideal for traders with full time jobs as you only need 15 - 30 minutes a day.
Discover why everything you've been taught about trading is wrong and financially dangerous.
Life-time access to all training videos and training materials.

Special Bonus

Smart Trade & Risk EA

This is a specially built professional trade & risk management indicator for Spartan 800K traders
Automatically calculates proper lot sizing for your account
Split positions and set multiple profit targets
Automated exits at profit levels
Spread & Slippage filter that will prevent you from getting bad fills
Includes market strength filter

Special Bonus

Spartan Power Trade Finder EA

This is BRAND NEW and never been offered before
Automatically does the Spartan System analysis for you
Makes trading so much faster and easier for you
Gives you the ability to trade more markets with way less time or effort
Will help ensure consistency in your trades
The software will give you more confidence as it always knows what to look for